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Ray Smith was crushed when he found out his mother had lung cancer. He wanted her to be comfortable, and to spend her last years in peace.

But challenges stood in the way. His mother lived in New Jersey, 1,700 miles from Denver. She needed 24-hour care and had to deal with a number of other problems.

“Mom did not want to go to a nursing home and she couldn’t move to Colorado”, Ray recalls. “My brother and I were committed to honoring her wishes.” The family did not have time to emotionally deal with the events that were taking place. Things were happening too quickly.

An insurance professional since 1987, Ray Smith never understood the tremendous financial and family relationship costs of needing long term care services…until his mother got sick. Since then, he has focused his efforts on helping people plan for the day when their health changes.

A CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter), Ray has also earned the prestigious CLTC (Certified in Long Term Care) designation. His academic background includes a BS in Business Administration from Indiana University and a MBA from the University of Tennessee.

Ray enjoys helping both individuals and businesses. As an independent broker, he searches multiple insurance companies to find the best fit and best value for his clients’ particular needs.

Long term care insurance fills a gap in traditional benefit plans…most people do not know that health insurance, including Medicare, does not pay for long term care. For businesses, Ray can implement long term care insurance plans at little or no cost to the employer.

Ray Smith

Ray Smith


Ray Smith is available for consultations and as a speaker for civic, religious, and other interested organizations. Learn more about Ray Smith by visiting his Linkedin profile.

Currently licensed in AZ, CA, CO, DE, KS, KY, MA, NE, NM, OH, TX, WA and WY, he cannot respond to inquiries from other locations.